IGP National Championship and Universal Sieger Show Judges



Joseph Vonarburg

IGP National Championship Obedience and Protection Judge

Have been active in dog sports since 1989, member of the Swiss Shepherd Dog Club (SC) and an honorary member of the SC Sursee local group.

From 1999 to 2007 member of the SC central board. First as an assessor, then seven years as SC performance manager.

1999 Approval in Switzerland as an FCI judge

2011 Approval in Germany as an SV performance judge

Judge assignments in the WUSV:

2008 WUSV World Championships in Cincinnati/USA, Section C, protection service

2012 WUSV World Championships in Steyr/Austria, Department C, protection service

2015 WUSV World Championships in Lathi/Finland, Section C, protection service

2017 WUSV World Championships Universal in Regau/Austria, chief judge

2018 WUSV WM Universal Diest/Belgium, department C, security service

2021 WUSV WM Universal Lerma/Spain, Section C, protection service



Thomas Teubert

Universal Sieger Show Judge

SV Judge and Kormeister

Member of the SV since June 1969

married, 3 daughters

Studied veterinary medicine; Degree as agricultural engineer in animal breeding,


  • 1980 qualification as offspring assessor (GDR)
  • 1980 appointment as district chairman of the then special breeding association for German Shepherd dogs for the former Gera district (GDR)
  • From 1984-1989 member of the management of the special breeding association for German Shepherd dogs (GDR)
  • 1987 qualification / appointment as breeding judge, Kormeister and temperament assessor for German Shepherd dogs (GDR)
  • President of the LG Thuringia (LG 17) of the SV since 1990
  • 1997 Judge Federal Winner Breeding Show - Protection Service Bitches -
  • 1998 judge BSZS youth class females
  • 2008 judge BSZS young dog class females
  • 2013 judge BSZS young dog class males
  • 2018 judge BSZS working dog class females
  • 2023 judge BSZS working dog class females


  • Kennel name “vom Gamsetal” registered since 1978
  • bred more than 110 litters so far,
  • Worldwide assignments as a breeding judge / Kormeister / Character Test Judge

Mike Karlov

IGP National Championship Tracking Judge

Hi my name is Mike Karlov and I’ve  been in the sport since the mid 90s. I’ve titled many dogs from BH to  IGp3. I have been a GSDCA performance judge since 2012 and this will be my third time that I will be judging at the Nationals. I would like to say thank you for inviting me to judge Tracking in 2024. And I wish all the competitors the best of luck.


Mark Torrence

Director of Helpers

I was born and raised in Fort Washington, MD, in the Washington, D.C., area. I belong to the Commonwealth Working Dog Club, where I am the club training director and helper. I also serve as the current club President and helper for the Greater Washington DC Schutzhund Group.

In 2013, I worked at the GSDCA-WDA Nationals, where I was selected as a helper for tryouts for the 2013 WUSV WORLD Championship.

I was then selected to do the Front Half of the WUSV WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP for 2013. To date, this is my greatest accomplishment, as I also worked over 100 dogs with an excellent rating from the judge.

The following year, I was chosen to do helper work for the 2014 WUSV WORLD Qualifier and got the back half with an excellent rating.
I then did the back half at the 2016 GSDCA Nationals at Purina Farms and was selected for the front half at the 2016 WUSV World qualifier in Illinois. Later in 2016, I did the front half of DVG NATIONALS, all with excellent and consistent ratings.

In 2021 I worked the GSDC NATIONALS back half with over 30 dogs with an excellent rating from the judge.

I did the front half of the 2022 DVG Regionals with excellent ratings.

I take great pride in my helper work, ensuring I’m always in top shape, so I can always work dogs safely and to the best of my ability.